Sunday, 14 November 2010

Another whole new chapter !

this new chapter will bring me back to where I was few years ago. Very reluctant to see the history repeat again! However, I guess I just have to deal with it when it comes and try to make some changes along the way to prevent it from repeating again.

Perhaps I become more pessimistic as I grow older? let everything goes with the flow ? and believing in faith too much? these are all question marks to me too.

However, I am pretty sure that I am less to tolerant to people who constantly moaning about their life.

The world isn't going to change because you are unhappy, unsatisfied, not contended, unfortunate and etc. Pull yourself together and keep on going.

No matter how bad or how good it is, it will come to an end.

What matter is how one deals with it when it occurs.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone been thru the past and if is happy memories always hope to repeat again. If is awful experience and you wouldn't want to see again.
You know you will be facing the same experience and start all over again this will not bring you to fear. Because you already have enough experience to face it and how to fix it when it comes or apply in your life again.
Believe yourself and nothing is impossible to resolve. Give and takes at all time and you will find out how much you love to do for everything.
Good Luck!